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The Millionaire Mastermind

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If you are the owner or executive of an agency what would it feel like...



To be fully supported on your business growth journey by mentors who see you and your big vision?



To mastermind with a group of like-minded high-quality agency owners or executives for collaborations, learning, & expansion?



To discover the proven steps & strategies to massively increase your income, influence, & impact in your agency & community?

The Millionaire Mastermind is...

This experience is a full year of proven authentic road-tested strategies + tools, small group coaching, mentorship, and live retreats -- all supported by an active community of abundance minded owners just like you designed to help you stay accountable and step into your agency fully while expanding your reach, increasing revenue and creating a successful business and life you love.

We have worked with some of the best Home Health, Hospices and Private duties in the industry over the past 20 years and we want to bring you the insiders advantage.

The Millionaires Mastermind is an exclusive application only program. If you'd love to make the quantum leap with your agency, click the button below to apply right now!

"I have worked with 3 other consulting companies to grow my agency. Home Care Sales is the real deal! First week and I already have had growth of 192 hours." - Patrick Philbrick, Harmony Home Health

You will experience

1 on 1 Private, Exclusive
Advising, Mentoring, and Mastermind Program

(Space limited to 18 new members to keep the group intimate and focused on working directly with you.)

  • Quick Start 1: 1 Implementation meeting via Zoom or Phone with Cheryl or Melanie who will identify your big goals such as gain more referrals, find more high quality patients or clients, find your next super star and begin to achieve them in 30 mins or less!

  • THREE 2 - Day Masterminds with Coaching from Cheryl & Melannie and with other like-minded entrepreneurs in location nowhere close to your office! The mastermind sessions are YOUR time to work ON your business and not IN your business. The focus of the group will be to focus you in on the most relevant strategies for growing your census, revenue and business while creating systems that allow you to work less and take more time off. Members are encouraged to bring a spouse, partner or key team member.

  • Nine Monthly Group Accountability and Mastermind Calls (on the months without a Mastermind meeting). Holding you accountable and making sure you get things done is our number one priority. We found the best way to do that is with accountability and mastermind calls. The calls are designed to share "what's working now" and for you to commit to the group what you are going to accomplish in the next 30 days

  • Four 30 Minute 1 on 1 Follow-Up "Emergency" Calls with Melanie or Cheryl. These "as needed" calls are designed to work on specific implementation items throughout the year. You can use these to work on an event, promotion, or business acceleration strategy.

  • Comprehensive Signature Presentation Critique. Send a video, audio, copy or slides of your talk or in-service to HCS for a full review with suggestions on how to get more engagement and close better to get more clients / patients everytime you do the in-service!

  • Comprehensive compensation review with Cheryl or Melanie. You send your comp plan for a full review can that you can review the right talent and keep great employees!

  • High Performance Digital Suite of products that will give you the step-by-step formula to gain high quality referrals. The digital suite gives you access and training for your team including Fast Track Orientation to Home Health, Hospice or Private Duty. You need a simple, repeatable sales system - High Performance Sales Academy is the ONLY choice for you to gain consistent high quality referrals! And the Masters in High Performance Selling - this is the most advanced sales formula in the country! These 3 systems will help your team to become a referral-generating machine!

  • Home Care Sales Vault - if you want to know the fastest way to increase your revenue, improve your retention and get the answers you want, then this is for you. The Home Care Sales Vault includes 20 years of consulting with agencies, with over 5000 documents, templates, tools and scripts for managers and reps. That will save you time so you never have to go searching for information that may or may not work. This alone is worth over $25k and can literally save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in consulting, not to mention months or years of time.


Your Partners in Success

Right now, you are tasked to do more with less. We have solutions and systems that can help you so that you can grow (without the growing pains), gain more revenue and release the pressure you feel with your business. Gain the inside advantage!

Melanie Stover

Melanie Stover has successfully helped agencies consistently achieve double digit growth for the last 17 years.

Cheryl Peltekis

Cheryl Peltekis is a sales performance expert who has also been an owner of a multi-million dollar home health, hospice and private duty agency that had a 5 Star rating and went for over 20 years deficiency free.


home care professionals successfully trained


average growth in revenue within first 6 months


customers work with us more than once


years of combined experience


Often, our best thinking takes place away from the office. The Mastermind Retreat offers entrepreneurs and their executive teams an inspirational and creative space where they can celebrate success.


The most successful entrepreneurs are those who seek and find balance in all areas of their lives. The Mastermind Retreat is the perfect place for you to recharge and celebrate with family or friends.


Exponential growth does not occur in isolation. Entrepreneurs who truly seek to transform themseleves and their industries do so by leveraging the creativity and experience of other entrepreneurs.

"Cheryl and Melanie are so full of information. They are like walking encyclopedia for the Home Care industry." - Nichole Marie

What is it like working with Home Care Sales?

Christy Glynn, Team Nurse

"....our most seasoned sales person said that this is by far the best training he has ever had in his 20+ years"

Lisa Simmons, Immediate Home Care

"....I am going to feel like a true partner when I go back out on the field"


"....This would be a great training for my sales team in Kansas and Arizona going forward for the next year"

Stephen King

"....We are a relatively new company and these sales techniques have sparked that motivation in us to do our job better and provide the best service possible"

Brett Shepard

"....Unlike a larger seminar, this so personal, so hands-on, and so one-on-one that I got answers to questions I encounter in my day-to-day job. So I would absolutely recommend this 10/10"

Carolyn Hess

"....If you want to be successful get a hold of somebody that is successful and that would be Home Care Sales - they put you on the right road"

It's Time To Match Your Agency Business Plan With Your Vision!

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